We won 3 awards from the world’s most prestigious Spa awards, the World Luxury Spa Awards;

You will truly discover with Gure Thermal Springs, one of Turkey’s most valuable healing water resources (SANUS PER AQUAM / SPA) under the guarantee of Ramada brand.

In our hotel, which is the first thermal hotel of the Ramada brand in the world.
We offer a comfortable and luxurious SPA service with a view of nature.

In addition to our mixed +16 age quiet thermal pool has also been at your service.

Tarçın & Spa Facilities

Semi-Olympic Thermal Pool
Quiet Thermal Pool for over 16 Years Old Guests
Snow Fountain
Outdoor Swimming Pool & Children Pool
Turkish Bath for Women
Mixed Turkish Bath
Bath Glove Service Room
Steam Room
Relax Room
Body Care Unit
Yoga / Pilates Area
Salt Room
Adveture Shower
Chill Out Garden
VIP Spa Areaı with Sea View
Fitness Center
Massage Rooms with Mountain View

Tarçın & Spa Traditional Massages

Traditional Bali Massage
De-stress Massage
Potpori Massage
Four Hands Massage
Ayurveda Massage
Bali Massage
Lomi Lomi Massage
Indian Head Massage
Volcanic Stone Massage
Clasic Turkish Bath
Ottoman Bath
Thai Massage
Clasic Sweden Massage

Features of Thermal Water

Gure Thermal Springs are formed of the crack created by the Kardela Volcano 8000 years ago. The water temperature of the hot spring with an extremely high flor rate between 39 – 42 Celsius. Thermal water is clear and odorless.

Gure Thermal Spring water is in the group of Sodium containing fluoride, sulfated thermal waters. The water we use in our hotel is approximately 1.5 km. It is the healing thermal water extracted from a source at a distance of 1.300 meters.

Children up to the age 7 are not allowed to enter the thermal pool at the hotel.

You can bring your bonnet or buy from our hotel in Spa reception.

Our thermal water is effective in the treatment of the following diseases and syndromes;

In the chronic stages of Inflammatory Rheumatic ( Long-standing inflammotary rheumatic diseases ), Osteoarthritic like non-inflammatory ( Non-inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as arthritis) in joint diseases, Chronic low back pain, myosic, tendinitis, trauma, fibromyalgia syndrome such as in the treatment of soft tissue diseases, it can be used as a supportive or complementary treatment element in mobilization studies in cases of long-term immobility.

Ingredients of Thermal Water


            Chemical Analysis
Active Analytics  Unit Analysis Result 
 Bicarbonate mg/L  117,1 
 Bromide mg/L Not Detected
 Sulfate mg/L  403,58 
 Chloride mg/L  55,08 
 Fluoride mg/L  6,00 
 Nitrate mg/L Not Detected
 Iodide mg/L  < 0,03 
 Sulfur mg/L  0,144 


            Chemical Analysis
Active Analytics  Unit Analysis Result 
 Ammonium mg/L  < 0,02 
 Potassium mg/L  6,77 
 Magnesium mg/L  Tesbit Edilemedi 
 Calcium mg/L  20,85 
 Sodium  mg/L  236,77 
 Manganese mg/L  Tesbit Edilemedi 
 Iron mg/L  Tesbit Edilemedi 

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